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With my majors in English Literature, I always wanted to be someone known & acknowledged for her mastery in English language. But, the divine script had a different act for me. I started my career in textile merchandising and now it pulsates in my existence.

Over the years I found that merchandising have many levels of ability of mathematical calculations, building trust, enduring relationships and the power of words. I knew Im not expert in numbers, it was always an uphill task for me to comprehend calculations but I knew I can always present my number sheet to audience with finesse using the power of words.

One day my boss asked me to travel to Hong Kong for a meeting with buyers of reknown USA / EU sports brand to win football business for Pakistan factories. He gave me a list of a variety of data that I would need to discuss with them; it ranged from export market value to analysis of all kinds. It took me 3 days to complete the task but then he asked me to prepare a coverage on our football industry. I could hear my inner voice screaming to convince me that ” this is your game, play it well and win ” .

Friends, I spent a night redesigning the entire presentation; I transformed it from a mathematical business analysis to a real story of FOOTBALL MANAUFACTURING. The day I was leaving for Hong Kong, my boss asked me if Im all set for this big meeting and I still remember answering him ” Ten days ago, all I knew about football is that its round in shape but today I know the value of this product”.The meeting was a complete hit, I flew back with huge orders and was the star of the organisation.

I would have been an absolute failure had I spent my energies in mastering the numbers for this meeting. I won only because my boss directed my strengths to win over my weakness.

“All through our lives we err by trying to work on our weaker areas and thus nurture the fear of failing. Why not appreciate our strengths and our weaknesses will become too small and too weak to stop us from winning our game.”

We should dutifully review our scales and some elementary pieces required to improve upon our weaker areas but we should focus, nurture, strive and encourage our strengths to transform our life into a masterpiece.

Your belief in yourself to win over your shortcomings will make you a legend like Mozart . Your fingers will be light on the keys of all challenges in life , they will even dance nimbly on the ivories of joy and love. Embrace your strengths and you will end in a grand crescendo and immense applause.

We can all make a difference. We all have thousands of opportunities a day to help realize God’s plan. So many seemingly trivial interactions between two people present us with a choice: Do we pass along a spark of the Divine? Or do we pass up that opportunity, and leave the world a bit colder in the process?

Cheers to a real YOU!!