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Nageen (Nyn) Riffat

Leadership Consultant, Author and Speaker

For the past ten years, Nageen Riffat – also known as Nyn – has dedicated herself to empowering women and guiding them to embrace their potential. As a leadership consultant, author and speaker, she has helped thousands of women build a life of success, influence and positive impact, both within and outside of the USA.

Not only does she run her consultancy business, Nyn’s Dreams LLC, from her hometown of Houston, she has also been a volunteer for the USA’s Integrated Refugee and Immigrant Services, a business mentor for the Cherie Blair Foundation in the UK, an advisory board member for Steering for Greater Good in Nigeria, and the founder of the #IAmYou movement, among other things.

Nyn has over 20 years of experience in working with the global corporate sector in key positions of global business development, brand management, DEI and women leadership development. She is seen as a reputed leader both in the non-profits and corporate sector who delivers engaging training sessions, articles and talks on critical topics of DEI (Diversity, Equity & Inclusion), Emotional Intelligence, Business beyond Boundaries and challenges of women leaders at the workplace.

Nyn’s book “#HerRhythm-You Are More Than Your Survival Story” has gained a lot of attention around the world. In its pages, Nyn bravely tells of how she escaped her abusive marriage, fought for custody of her two sons, and took refuge with them in the USA.

Much of the motivation for her entrepreneurial work comes from her past experiences of abuse and repression, and it is her hope that her story and work will not only captivate those who need it, but inspire them to a life of more.

Nageen “Nyn” Riffat

Founder, Nyn’s Dreams

In Karachi Pakistan some years ago
A baby girl was born named Nageen
A loving and learned family welcomed her
Who knew what events life would bring

Nageen’s father loved her very much
Calling her his little Nyn
A princesses life she was living
In every way she was set up to win

She grew in beauty and accomplishment
Excelling at her studies and more
Life moved along as it tends to do
Full of wondrous things to explore

One thing that came along was a wedding
An auspicious and elaborate affair
A short time after this celebration
Nyn’s life changed and she became aware

Her husband’s family had ideas of life
Different than the ones Nyn had known
Women should not work or make money
As a mother she should only stay home

But Nyn with her interminable spirit
Managed to continue to build her career
Working and growing her family
Giving birth to Shaheer and Shayaal

12 trips around the sun went by
Busy with work and her beautiful boys
She tried to make the best out of this life
Tried to find, amid chaos, some joys

Finally on one fine day
Nyn found herself released from her misery
She and her boys left their home
To began an incredible journey

Sharia court and a move to Dubai
Proved things were not going to go Nyn’s way
With the help of her boss and a very good friend
She sought asylum in the U.S of A

They came with just a few bags
And the determination to have a good life
But the universe had another lesson for Nyn
And sent her some medical strife

Emergency surgery was needed
When she had only been here for a bit
She got through this and began her next chapter
In West Haven Connecticut

Nyn’s beloved father had taught her many life lessons
One was to be grateful and always give back
“How can I do this?”, she asked her friend
He answered “In business you have a knack”

So she went to the Chamber of Commerce
And asked if she could volunteer her services and time
They took one look at her resume
And everything fell into line

She helped women entrepreneurs
Through businesses become liberated
Out of this selfless giving back
Nyn’s Dreams was eventually created

Nyn’s Dreams helps define a clear vision
Of what your business can and will be
Aiding you in developing a road map
Of how you can get there efficiently

Helping you create your brand
Your logo and your styles
Website and Social Media
A marketing strategy that beguiles

You have an idea and a dream
This will only take you part way
Nyn’s Dreams can help you make it real
Transforming that idea into pay

Nyn has many ways she can help
Personal Empowerment is another category
Nyn has literally written the book
You Are More Than Your Survival Story”

This book helps you move past your past
No matter how traumatic it may be
It teaches forgiveness is possible
And you can live with Integrity

Is there no end to her vigar?
A new dream coming true
Is Leading Through Emotional Intelligence
Nyn calls “AccelerateHer”

It will Amplify your potential
And help you Accomplish your dream
You will Ascend in your journey
An Amazing team helps you Achieve self-esteem

Joining “AccelerateHer” is a win
It will have an Impact on your being
It will Influence your Income
Change the way you have been seeing

A community of Experts will gather
And help to Empower and Excite
Encouraging you to move forward
Creating your ideal life

BElieve in YOUrself
Is the message Nyn shares
Beautifully Positive and Empowering
Nyn Riffat really cares!

She’s an international speaker
Her message reaches many near and far
A mentor, coach and author
An uplifting life Rockstar!!

This dynamic survivor has helped change
More lives than we can even know
Can’t wait to see what comes next
As Nyn continues to grow!

Nyn's Dream


West Haven Chamber of Commerce, CT, USA

Business Consultant

Steering For Greatness, Nigeria

Global Advisory Board Member

Gallivant Solutions, Pakistan & UAE

Business Coach & Consultant

Women Business Development Council, USA

Expert Women Entrepreneurship

She Boss Movement

Chapter Partner for the State Of Connecticut  

MissCareer/Less - Women who Change - Dare to Change and Dare the Change


International Journal for Women Empowerment

Honorary Editor

Everything Home Talk Show

Expert Contributor

International Association For Women (IAW)


Women In Business, Orange & West Haven, CT, USA


Single Mom Movement, USA

Chapter Leader

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