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Can Your Past Stop You From Living a Prosperous, Fulfilled Life?

Only if you let it and Nyn Riffat is proof of that! In#HerRhythm, Nyn shares her powerful story of escaping from an abusive marriage in Pakistan with her two boys. Now she is an award winning women empowerment speaker and a successful entrepreneur who helps others to not only identify their entrepreneurial dream but create it.

#HerRhythm explores many themes that are relevant to not only women but everyone who has ever struggled with a difficult past, Including:

  • Self-Respect
  • Fighting For What Is Right
  • How to Deal With Fear
  • Living In Integrity
  • Walking in Forgiveness
  • And so much more…


Forgiveness is not always possible living free is.

–Nyn Riffat

What happens within you determines what is possible in your life.

–Nyn Riffat

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