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Life is a jigsaw puzzle with most of the pieces missing, Life is a roller coaster ride, Life is a mystery and goes a list of metaphors that gives us a dull shade of life .
Once shopping with my sons, we noticed that all the stores are decorated for upcoming Father’s Day. My younger son who was 7 yrs old at that time saw everything and asked his elder brother ..”what should we buy for mama on Father’s Day”. This one question sparked me with the thought that this little guy has more acceptance towards life than many of the adults. He could have felt bad, be envious of the kids who are blessed with good fathers etc but he chose to celebrate the day with what he is blessed with. Even the saddest of times makes your life richer.
In my college days, I was a volunteer to patient care and I noticed that it wasn’t uncommon for people to have a swift burst of energy just before dying. Terminal men and women who were lethargic or unresponsive suddenly wanted to sit up, get up, or even try to walk around. Close friends and family members were elated, only to come in the next day and find that their loved one had declined and died shortly afterwards.
It always reminded me of a light bulb at the end of its life – how it gets a blast of intense light just before fizzling out. One scientific explanation of the death of a light bulb states: When the tungsten in the light bulb filament reaches the point where it cannot handle the current anymore, because too much of it has vaporized off, it momentarily has a higher amount of current go through it, just before it separates (burns out). From many hours of giving a steady glow, it dies in a last burst of energy flowing through it – more energy than it can handle.
When someone who was dying experienced this, I always had an urge to tell their loved ones not to miss saying something important – maybe one last goodbye while they were lucid and alert.


No one wants to fail . So most of us don’t even try.
Fear, shame & defeat will stop you from believing in your own compass while dealing with your job, family or friends. Authenticity & clarity breeds success.
Life is a skill, you have to be outrageously energetic to enjoy everything that you meet on the way. Imagine what life might look alike with the endless opportunity for growth? Keep clearing space within yourself for what matters most. Believe in yourself to mature to the sound of your own inner voice.


The Full Journey
Enjoy your job / business, essence it with your passion & yield results; build relationships, compliment the good, voice for the right, spend time with the people you like, let people know if you like them, help people improve if you see any shortcomings because in the over-all scheme of things, you are not going to last long.
Rise to build your life as a timeless venture by letting go of the pains of any kind of shutting down or closing-off. Prepare yourself to release what is not important, including any lack of support, distraction and any experience of obstacles or challenge. When your heart expands to an incredible level of presence and openness, everything will change: your relationships, your career, your health and your ability to relax and receive at a level that will astound you.