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#HerRhythm -Road To Resilience

A 6 weeks online program of Mindfulness and Intentionality to own your power to create exceptional, deep, rapid and lasting results for yourself , your clients, your team and your family & friends.

Yes, I want to step into my power to help others and prosper as a result.


  • Professional or Entrepreneur of any kind
  • Students
  • Stay-at-home Moms
  • Change- Makers
  • Every woman who is driven to create the life she wants for herself to do Extraordinary things that impact the world in a powerful and loving way – because that’s who women are at the core.


#HerRhythm Road To Resilience

Get to the HIGHER VERSION of yourself

Maybe you’ve had great success in your career, business and life but it’s not uncommon for powerful, successful women to lack resilience in their personal lives, their lives beyond their work.

The woman behind closed doors is often a different woman than the one others see.
You know you can achieve more .. BUT…

  • Feelings like disappointment, embarrassment, irritation, resentment, anger, jealousy and fear come in your way.
  • Something in your relationship with others is going wrong and you’re stuck.
  • You struggle with balanced personal responses to people, events and situations which results in less or loss of trust.
  • You find it challenging to practice your boundaries and so you avoid it.

All you dream is that you want to be known for the depth of your listening skills, the clarity of your insight, and the life-changing results that you can create for those working with you, around you or know you.

You’re not alone!

Chances are you’ve been held back from rising into your power because of your challenging or hurtful past experiences.It doesn’t really matter what causes us to reach our limit. The point is that sooner or later it happens to all of us.

The good news is that ‘Resilience’ is one of our human characteristics and we can always reclaim it.

Resilience is found in our pleasure and pain, our confusion and our wisdom, available in each moment of our weird, unfathomable, ordinary, everyday lives.

You likely know someone who seems as if they can take what seems like a punch in the face over and over but still get back on their feet and try again?

Resilience in #life, #business and in #career gets you to:

  • Release the hidden barriers that have been causing you to feelings of ‘self-doubt’ and ‘imposter syndrome’
  • Release any fear you might have to become more visible
  • And gain the clarity, confidence and courage you’ll need to step forward into your largest life and contribution.

If your heart and soul say a big YES! to this transformation,then you’re a woman I want to mentor, develop, and invest in.

Are you ready to own your power to create exceptional, deep, rapid and lasting results for yourself , your clients, your team and your family & friends?

It’s time for you to take consistent, intentional action to create the success you want.

The way to get there?


#HerRhythm – Road To Resilience

Yes, I want to step into my power to become more resilient and resonant.

Here’s what you’ll get in #HerRhythm – Road To Resilience

  • Understanding self-compassion so that you can align your words & actions for greater good of yourself and others.
  • Identifying & assessing your strengths and emotional triggers so that you build connection with yourself and others with authenticity.
  • Comprehending the dimensions of ‘Resilience’ beyond just getting back on your feet from any hardships.
  • Communicating with empathy so that others can hear and trust you for lasting relationships.
  • Honoring your own boundaries so that you can be seen and respected as an authentic leader, friend or change-maker.
  • Mastering the 4 key components of ‘Emotional Intelligence’ to take complete control of your life.
  • Learning about the truth of ‘objections’ and get scientific proven formulas to handle them with ease using ‘Advanced Resilience Patterns’.
  • Knowing how to figure out what your clients / team / family needs and align your presence seamlessly so that you become the ‘Non-Negotiable Asset’ for everyone.
  • Leveraging your soft skills to create the life that you truly deserve.
  • Strengthening your ability to make bold, strong and impactful decisions even in the midst of any challenge.
  • Practising consistency so that you can double or triple both your income and impact.
  • Using ‘Forgiveness’ as an empowering tool so that you can live happily and lead others to a life of immense peace.
  • Using ‘Resilience’ for dealing with shame, anger, anxiety and guilt so that you can commit to your own truth with dignity.
  • Ensuring your presence for others without losing yourself.
  • Resonating with others at an unconscious level so that your voice is compelling and irresistible to bring out the best in them.



(One Time Payment)

$ 475


(5 Weekly Payments)

$ 125

This includes extra-ordinary bonuses:

  • Self-Compassion scale report.
  • Customized ‘Resilience Blueprint’ to keep you focused.
  • Three months of 1:1 Voxer Support to empower the ‘New You’
  • Study materials (which includes recordings, exercises and PDFs)
  • Resources & tools to learn the ‘Emotional Intelligence’ way of clarifying, setting & accomplishing big life & business goals


Have questions or want to chat about the training to make sure it’s a perfect fit for you? Email me at nyn@nynsdreamscom  and we can schedule a totally free, no-obligation 30-minute chat with me.



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