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Not education, not experience, not knowledge or intellectual horsepower. None of these are adequate predictor as to why one person succeeds and another doesn’t. There is something else going on that society doesn’t seem to account for.
We observe supposedly brilliant and well-educated people struggle, while others with fewer obvious skills or attributes flourish. And we speak ourselves ‘WHY?’
The answer almost has to do with this concept called emotional intelligence. While it is harder to identify and measure than IQ or experience, and certainly difficult to capture on a resume, its power cannot be denied.

What is EQ Mastery Session?

By signing up for an EQ mastery session with Nyn Riffat, you can expect to gain a deeper understanding of emotional intelligence and its various components. This includes self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy, and social skills. The session will provide guidance, tools, and resources to create an emotionally intelligent personal brand that is authentic, compelling and sets you up for success.


The 60 minutes EQ Mastery Session will be your guide in your journey towards success:

  • You will be challenged to look beyond your limiting beliefs.
  • You will navigate your strengths and reset your inner compass towards the direction of your dreams.
  • You will emerge as purpose-driven leader & will operate from your zone of genius.
  • You will learn to stay true to your core values while making tough yet important decisions.
  • You will know yourself, be yourself and put yourself out in the world authentically, unapologetically & powerfully.
  • You will create an influential personal brand to scale-up your business, become an authentic leader and have fulfilling relationships.

Get ready for a life of meaning and significance; discover the power of Emotional Intelligence and its impact on your personal and professional growth. This session will empower you to start a journey of self –discovery and authentic communication as we transcend barriers to achieve a life of fulfillment and success.

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